1. I couldn’t believe for the price I paid that these lights were so bright. I am able to see them from so far, and that makes me less nervous when I drive. I like people to be able to see my car from a distance because I am a volunteer security man. It is my duty to keep roads safe within this small community. People have noticed my new lights and were surprised by them. I have never had so many compliments until recently, when my buddies saw the visor. They also wanted one, and I directed them to this site!

  2. These lights are fantastic! They move back & forth and remember the previous patterns. I couldn’t be more pleased with this interior visor. It is easy to install and the mounting brackets are really strong. This is a great buy for the inside of my car, and has been proven to be really bright during day and night hours.

  3. Great light overall. It was really easy to install. It gets noticed during the day and night time hours. It was well priced too!

    • Currently, this is available in the silver color housing. You can spraypaint the lightbar black in order to change it to a black housing.

    • Hi Joe,

      This speaker can work on 12 – 24-volt sirens or amplifiers. The voltage does not really make a difference for this speaker to work. What is important is to make sure that the speaker is connected to a 200W amplifier. This should not be connected directly to the battery.

  4. I am looking for a head unit.. I have the large box and was wondering if the smaller one will work

    • Hello Jim,

      Currently the smaller control box will not work for the lightbars which came with the larger style control box.

  5. This is a great product. It integrates easily with other units and is ruggedly built. The light produced from this is in my view, one of the brightest out there. Side by side to other big names in the vehicle safety & emergency lighting industry, Abrams products are brighter than the competition.

    I would highly recommend the ThunderEye series lightbars. Thanks Abrams, keep the great work and products up!

    Ryan McStay
    Tech Team NZ Ltd