Duane Dotson / Facebook

Just bought my first dash light from them so far I’m really impressed. It is very bright and seems to be built well.

Kenn Maverick Zesky / Facebook

As a new dealer for Abrams products in Liverpool, NY, I am extremely impressed with their commitment to price and quality. In over 20 years of electrical

Mike Hambrick / Facebook

We have the Quackler-2 on our demo vehicle here at Priority Pursuit, and we love it. You really have to hear it in person to truly appreciate

Tigger Lee Callahan / Facebook

The lights are amazing. Very fast shipping. Just got done ordering lights for two are fire trucks. Now it’s time to order for my pov.

Dan Gill / Facebook

So after I posted my negative review, in less than 24 hours I was contacted by Abrams and I was very impressed. Without question my siren was replaced with no issue unlike my

Tony Maggio / Facebook

I have had a 27″ Light Bar for a very long time in intermittent EMS Response service. The Control Board failed and I was able to get excellent Customer Service from Abrams to

Patrick Wayne Fairbrother / Facebook

Lights came exactly as ordered. The hideaways I ordered are very high-quality. Solid construction.

Steven Pirre / Facebook

Great Customer Service, and Great Products! Will do business with Abrams in the future. 

Daniel Crisci / Facebook

Outstanding products, very bright and great prices.